Image of a girl who's body is shining like a star after using Grow and glow skin care products.

The perfect addition to your daily self care routine...

  • Out of the shower apply a thin layer all over your body.
  • Rub in circular motion, no swiping!
  • Let sit for 5 minutes.
  • Once dry, apply 2nd layer if needed.
  • then apply a thin layer to your face and neck - if not acne prone (check with your esti)
  • cleanse hands right after application
  • NO mitt needed!!
  • Design to use daily or as often as needed for your perfect GLOW
  • will not turn orange but process to the proper desired color of your skin
  • for best results avoid water for 8 hours
  • And to start fresh exfoliate body 1-2x a week.