Image of a girl using hair product of grow and glow

Step 1.

2 shampoos always!!!
Your 1st shampoo will move around your build up. The 2nd shampoo will actually go through and cleanse your scalp and hair. This leads to healthy hair, using less product and fighting any build up on your hair strands. Equals stronger hair!

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Step 2.

Deep Condition!! Now, carefully apply your conditioner to the mids and ends of your hair. This ensures healthy hair growth, repairs damaged ends and will fight any frizz. I also highly recommend a deep conditioning mask 1-2X a week or as needed for the extra moisture of your hair. Say goodbye to split ends!

Image of a girl using Grow and Glow skin care products

Step 3.

Dream Hair!! Now it's time to finish with the main ingredient of your hair growth system. You will use 4 drops of the GROW serum and massage throughout your entire scalp. This will make sure your scalp's blood circulation is at the highest-to create the strongest grow of hair follicles. Say hello to your new hair!!